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High-end products. Customized solutions.

Passive DAS Components

Mircrowave Products

RF Site Components

ABOUT SONNE Electronics

Sonne Electronics is a leading high-tech company based in Ningbo, China. With expertise in both research and development as well as production, we specialize in providing comprehensive one-stop services for RF passive solutions.


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research team comprises 10% of our workforce
we Developing 60 new products each year
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Annual investment of nearly millions in R&D
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a remarkable 95% customer satisfaction rate


Our Service

Product Service

Sonne provides wide range of products for RF passive solutions

High Quality

Sonne has been providing customers with high-quality products to meet various needs of customers.

Customized Product

According to the customer's customized product requirements, our technicians can design corresponding product solutions.

Timely Response

Sonne has been equipped with several experienced business personnel to ensure that all emails are answered within 24 hours.

Fast Delivery

Sonne shortens the production cycle through advanced production processes and management methods to meet the needs of fast delivery.

Technical Support

Equipped with a full set of testing equipment, Sonne technicians can quickly respond to customers' technical issues related to products

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