hybrid coupler

A Hybrid Coupler is a vital component used in in-building wireless communication solutions to split and combine RF (Radio Frequency) signals with precision and efficiency. This specialized coupler performs both power splitting and combining functions, making it an essential device in DAS systems. By providing a balanced and controlled signal distribution, the DAS hybrid coupler ensures reliable and seamless coverage throughout the building, enhancing call quality, data speeds, and overall wireless performance.

Key Features

  • Power Splitting and Combining: The DAS hybrid coupler can divide an incoming RF signal into two equal power signals and combine two signals into one, providing the necessary power distribution for multiple antennas or service points.
  • Low Insertion Loss: These hybrid couplers are designed with low insertion loss to minimize signal power loss during the splitting and combining processes, ensuring efficient signal distribution and preservation of signal strength.
  • High Isolation: DAS hybrid couplers offer high isolation between the input ports, ensuring minimal interference between the combined signals.
  • Wide Frequency Range: These couplers are capable of operating across a broad frequency range, supporting various cellular and wireless technologies for multi-band support.
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