power splitter

A DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Power Splitter is a crucial component in in-building wireless communication solutions, designed to divide and distribute RF (Radio Frequency) signals efficiently. These power splitters play a key role in extending wireless coverage within large indoor spaces by ensuring that the amplified signals reach multiple antennas or service points. With their precise signal splitting capabilities, DAS power splitters facilitate seamless connectivity and enhanced wireless performance for users throughout the building.

Key Features

  • High Isolation: DAS power splitters are engineered to provide high isolation between the output ports, ensuring that the signals do not interfere with each other during distribution.
  • Equal Signal Splitting: Well-designed DAS power splitters evenly split the RF signals into equal power levels across the output ports, maintaining consistent signal quality and coverage.
  • Low Insertion Loss: These power splitters have low insertion loss, which means that they minimize signal power loss during the splitting process, allowing the signals to maintain their strength as they are distributed.
  • Wide Frequency Range: DAS power splitters are capable of operating across a wide frequency range, accommodating various cellular and wireless technologies for multi-band support.
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