site rf components

Site RF Components are essential elements that form the backbone of wireless communication infrastructure at cell sites and base stations. These components are carefully selected and integrated to ensure efficient signal transmission, reception, and processing, creating a seamless and reliable network for mobile communication. Site RF Components play a critical role in optimizing signal quality, coverage, and capacity, making them integral to the smooth functioning of cellular networks and other wireless communication systems.

Key Components

  1. RF Transceivers: RF transceivers serve as the core components for both transmitting and receiving signals. They convert electrical signals into RF signals for transmission and vice versa for reception, enabling bidirectional communication.
  2. Antennas: Antennas are responsible for radiating and capturing RF signals to establish communication between mobile devices and the cell site. They come in various types, including omni-directional antennas for 360-degree coverage and directional antennas for targeted coverage.
  3. Duplexers and Diplexers: Duplexers and diplexers facilitate simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency band. Duplexers are used in time-division duplexing (TDD) systems, while diplexers are used in frequency-division duplexing (FDD) systems.
  4. Tower-Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs): TMAs are utilized to amplify the signals at the cell site, compensating for signal loss due to cable lengths and splitter/combiner losses, thereby improving signal quality.
  5. Tower-Top Amplifiers (TTAs): TTAs are deployed near the antenna to amplify weak signals before transmission, enhancing coverage and signal strength.
  6. Filters: Filters are employed to suppress unwanted frequencies and interference, ensuring clean and clear signal transmission and reception.
  7. Lightning Protectors: Lightning protectors safeguard the site’s RF components from potential damage caused by lightning strikes or other electrical surges.
  • SE-CB-2W-BO-MF

    Duplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 555-2200 | 2300-2700MHz, 4.3-10 Female

  • SE-CB-2W-CH-MF

    Duplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 694-862 | 880-960MHz, 4.3-10 Female

  • SE-CB-2W-EG-MF

    Duplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 698-806 | 824-960MHz, 4.3-10 Female

  • SE-CB-2W-LM-MF

    Duplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 1710-1880 | 1920-2400MHz, 4.3-10 Female

  • SE-CB-2W-PQ-MF

    Duplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 698-2700MHz | 3300-3800MHz, 4.3-10 Female


    Triplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 698-960 | 1695-2200 | 2300-2700MHz, 4.3-10 Female


    Triplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 1710-1880 | 1920-2170 | 2300-2700MHz, 4.3-10 Female


    Quadplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 380-960 | 1427-1880 | 1920-2170 | 2300-2700MHz, 4.3-10 Female


    Quadplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 698-960 | 1710-2170 | 2300-2690 | 3300-3800MHz, 4.3-10 Female


    Pentaplexer, Multi-band Combiner, 380-960 | 1427-1880 | 1920-2170 | 2300-2690 | 3300-3800MHz, 4.3-10 Female

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