5/6/8/10/12/15/20dB, Directional Coupler, 380-2700MHz, N Female

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The 5/6/8/10/12/15/20dB Directional Coupler is a versatile and high-performance device designed to split RF signals with precision and efficiency. With its wide frequency range of 380-2700MHz and N Female connectors, this directional coupler is the perfect choice for various wireless communication applications. Whether you need to distribute signals in a distributed antenna system (DAS), test and measurement setups, or any other RF signal distribution scenario, this directional coupler ensures optimal signal strength and integrity.

Key Features:

  • Wide Coupling Range: The directional coupler supports multiple coupling options, including 5dB, 6dB, 8dB, 10dB, 12dB, 15dB, and 20dB, providing flexibility to adjust signal levels as needed.
  • Broad Frequency Coverage: With a frequency range spanning from 380MHz to 2700MHz, this coupler accommodates a wide range of communication systems and devices, ensuring seamless signal distribution in diverse applications.
  • Excellent Signal Quality: The device offers low insertion loss and high directivity, allowing for minimal signal distortion and enhanced signal quality during transmission.
  • Durable Construction: Built with robust materials and advanced engineering, this directional coupler is designed for long-lasting performance and reliability even in demanding environments.
  • N Female Connectors: The N Female connectors ensure secure and reliable connections, reducing signal loss and signal leakage, making it suitable for high-power applications.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range380-2700MHz
Part NoSE-DC-05-0427-NFSE-DC-06-0427-NFSE-DC-08-0427-NFSE-DC-10-0427-NFSE-DC-12-0427-NFSE-DC-15-0427-NFSE-DC-20-0427-NF
Coupling Range±1.2±1.2±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5
Insertion Loss≤2.5≤2.0≤1.5≤0.8≤0.6≤0.4≤0.3
3rd Order IMD≤-150dBc(+43dBm×2)
Input Power200W
Protection LevelIP65
Relative Humidity5 to 95%
Operating Temperature-25℃-+65℃
Connector Type4.3-10 Female

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